Local Mixed-Use Building
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The Challenge:

UDA was asked to envision a 200,000 sq/ft mixed-use development in the heart of an established South Shore downtown. Located within sight of a commuter rail station, the development endeavors to benefit the town, the developers, and the existing retailers on the site.  In addition to maximizing existing overlay zoning opportunities, the project looks to reinforce an existing downtown business district with a long tradition as a retail destination.  The chief design challenge for the project is working with the existing topography to accommodate public access for pedestrians / vehicles while maintaining adequate storefront and building entrances in harmony with adjacent retail blocks.

The Solution:

A historically sympathetic development that blends a combination of massing, materials, and open public space to enhance adjacent downtown blocks.  The well-developed density of the project has a huge potential to impact its hometown and improve the local context in a variety of ways. UDA's client has strong local roots in the community and is committed to going the extra mile to provide a legacy building for the town and its citizens.

The Results:

Currently under municipal review.

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We were stuck!  The renovation of Walpole’s original 1903 Carnegie Library had come to a standstill.  We needed help!  Along came Kevin Uniacke and his team with a completely innovative and creative idea about how to remove an antiquated and obtrusive stairwell.  It was a great moment!  Today, that architectural suggestion, along with several other key ideas, greatly contributed to the successful renovation and transformation of Walpole’s old public library into a modern office building, while maintaining its essential historical heritage.  Kevin, a job well done.  Thank you!

Albie and Fred Giandomenico, EIA Global


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